How Simplex 360 Works for You


Together, the Simplex360 team has successfully planned, built, and launched hundreds of websites and custom software products in various industries and niches over the last decade.We’ve shared tremendous success together, but we’ve also learned from our many failures over the years.

Simply put: we’ve seen it all, and we’ve meticulously honed what we believe is the best approach to consistently delivering high end, custom websites that wow our customers and their prospects.You might be used to web teams that don’t respond for days, constantly misunderstand your needs, or that didn’t plan appropriately for the job they agreed to take on. When you partner with us, those days are gone.

Phase by Phase Development


We’ll approach your project in three distinct phases. Each one requires your input and full approval before moving to the next.

Copy > Design > Development > Deployment


With this proven process, we’re able to systematize your project, which allows us to maintain the highest level of quality to deliver accurately and on time.

If you’d like to read more in depth of the exact process we’ll take, we’ve provided a detailed step by step outline below. Otherwise, you can skip to the next page to see the specifics of your project.

Step 1  Content Creation (2-3 weeks)

We start with content first, here’s why:


What you say on your website is more important than anything else. You can have the most beautifully designed website in your industry, but if your content misses the mark and no leads are generated, it’s worthless.
The words on your website have to have an immediate impact on your prospect. Instead of talking about your business and what it does (like everyone else), your web content should focus on the benefits that your client receives by working with you.
We’ll help you uncover these benefits, then use them to craft content that drives your site visitors to take action.You have their focus for a very short amount of time, you must use it to speak their language and strategically compel them to take action so that you can continue to market to them and ultimately CLOSE THEM.
Because of this fact, we know that the best way to approach a new website is to focus on the content first, and THEN design a stunning design and user experience around it. 

Step 2  DESIGNING Your Site (1-2 weeks)


The client’s logo and branding will act as our foundation, and we’ll give you the opportunity to meet directly with our team to share any ideas you might have for your site’s new design. Our design team will research your industry, competitors, and your brand assets to deeply understand your ideal aesthetic.After we’ve uncovered the theory behind your design, we’ll get to work and build a design concept for your review. Of course, your input is highly valued at this stage!

Once you fully approve the designs and set them in stone, we’re ready to send the site into development.



Now that we have the content and a stellar design, our development team will set out to give it life!

Your new site will be built with industry best practices to ensure that it has a strong and secure technical foundation. To ensure our sites are built for speed and security, we assign an IT professional to your project to audit the build at every turn. Through time proven checklists, we’ll develop your new site to be as technically strong as possible.You will receive regular correspondence from our Project Manager as pages are completed and items are ready for your review.

This development process usually takes 2-3 weeks, but depends on the size of your project and the speed at which we can gather the information and feedback that we need. Once your site nears completion, we’ll give you time to perform an in-depth review of your entire site. During this phase, we’ll work with you to finalize the small details and to prepare for deployment!

Final Step  Launching your Site


This is the final and most exciting step of your project! 

After we’ve built your site and you’ve approved it, we’ll launch it out for the world to see.  If you’ve chosen for us to take care of your site long-term, this will require surprisingly little effort on your part. You’ll set a launch date with us and rest easy knowing your site will be live and ready as you’ve planned.

If you have chosen to host your site elsewhere, your involvement will be required, but we will provide step-by-step instructions to make your involvement as care-free as possible. We’ll even coordinate directly with your long term webmaster or IT staff to properly hand off the site and to give them all of the tools and resources that they’ll need to deploy and care for your website.

Launching your site will take as little as a few hours to present to the world.

Our Continued Commitment


In total, your project will be completed in 3-8 weeks, depending on the size of your site and the content requirements therein. We believe that our commitment to {{company_name}} doesn’t end when we finish your project.  Based on the products and services you choose, we will continue to offer support, maintenance, and care for your site in perpetuity. With our monthly care plan, we’ll keep your site secure, handle software updates, manage and store redundant backups for you, provide an SSL, and take care of hosting. Simple, all encompassing, it’s everything your website needs.



Once your site is up and running, you can turn your focus to generating site traffic. More traffic = more eyeballs on your site, and in turn, more eyeballs on your offers!

We’re experts in driving quality traffic to your site, so we’ll be here to help when you are ready to scale up!

Want to know more about our streamlined process? Talk to us!