Simplex360 Guiding Principles

At Simplex360, we’re more than just a team; we’re a family that shares a common code of ethics. Every Simplex member, from fresh hires to seasoned professionals, is expected to embrace and embody these guiding principles in both our work with one another and our interactions with clients. This is our moral compass, ensuring we stay true to our values and our goals as an organization:

  1. We are Self-Starters: We hire mature, responsible team members who are self-motivated and proactive. We know our responsibilities and focus on delivering results to support the overall goal of our team. We speak up if we have roadblocks, or if we see a way that something can be improved.
  2. Work/Life Balance: Every team member is, first and foremost, a human being with a unique life and challenges. We’ve cultivated a culture of support and mutual respect. At Simplex, we don’t just work for our goals but for each other. Everyone on our team has a life outside of work, and we aim to support that at every opportunity.
  3. Personal Growth: Team members at Simplex are encouraged to chase positive growth, both personally and professionally. We support team members by providing access to educational materials, courses, certifications, and more to support their professional and personal development.
  4. Documentation is Key: If a task is repeated at any level of the company, we have a defined task and an SOP for it. As we innovate, we update. This ensures continuity of quality service for our clients and is an invaluable reference for our team.
  5. Stay Humble, Stay Open: We put forth our ideas with confidence yet always entertain the possibility that we could be wrong. This balance ensures robust discussions and an inclusive atmosphere.
  6. Feedback Fuels Growth: We believe in the power of constructive feedback. Whether giving or receiving, feedback is our tool for continuous improvement and growth.
  7. We Own Our Mistakes: We pride ourselves on our accountability. Mistakes are human, but it’s the aftermath that defines us. Here, the true measure of character is how you rectify an error. Be comfortable admitting when you’ve made a mistake, and be kind to others when they do the same. This creates an open environment for collaboration and growth.
  8. Voice Your Opinions: Silence is not golden at Simplex. We expect team members to challenge the status quo, to question, to disagree for the purpose of pushing to be better. Diversity in thought is our strength, and we thrive on it. In internal discussions, we value plain-speak and confidence.
  9. Reliability is a Must: We are meticulous and forward-thinking, always keeping our next step (and its deadline) in clear sight. Clients should always know what’s coming next and when to expect it. If we commit, we deliver to the best of our ability.
  10. Rapid & Clear Client Communication: Our hallmark is our swift responsiveness. When clients message us, they should receive an acknowledgment within minutes/hours, not days.
  11. We Exceed Expectations: We always try to under-promise and over-deliver and apply this to deadlines as well as to campaign results.
  12. Results Over Rhetoric: We’re in the business of delivering genuine, tangible results, not chasing fleeting metrics. Everything we propose is backed by solid research, ensuring our clients always see a return on their investment first and foremost. ROI matters more than vanity metrics like views, impressions, clicks, etc.